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TOEFL Primary

  • The TOEFL Primary test is the new assessment from ETS that helps you shape young students’ English-language instruction in a way you never had before. They are designed for students ages 8+ and measure the English skills that provide a foundation for students’ future success.

As parents, we want our children to be strong in languages especially in English as it is a global language. In order to help our children improve linguistics capabilities, we need to know their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore a reliable evaluation is the first step to success.

The TOEFL Primary scores are mapped to Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels to give students the ability to see their level on a global scale and to let teachers have a more in-depth understanding of their students’ English proficiency.

Teachers will be able to place students into respective classes that match with the students’ ability, to enhance the learning experience.

The Lexile score of the students enables teachers and parents to find books that suit the student’s English proficiency level, to facilitate learning.

For enquiries about the pricing, please contact us at 6438-6900.

Alternatively, drop us an email at contact@connectere.net

The TOEFL Primary tests are designed to:

  • Guide your teaching goals
  • Monitor student progress
  • Identify students’ individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine instructional plans
  • Inform placement decisions, if appropriate
  • Focus your work with both individual students and groups
  • Shape your communication with parents about student learning

The TOEFL Primary can be used to monitor student progress over time and, if appropriate, to place students in levels of English instruction. They are designed for:

  • English-language programs
  • Local schools that teach English as part of the curriculum


  • Reading and Listening test — Step 1: paper delivered
  • Reading and Listening test — Step 2: paper delivered
  • Speaking test: computer delivered

The TOEFL Primary program offers three tests that measure a range of skills. The Reading and Listening tests (Step 1 and Step 2) assess students’ knowledge, skills and abilities to fulfill core communication goals in English. The Speaking test measures English-language speaking proficiency.

Both of the TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening tests are scored locally by ETS Preferred Network offices and feature fast turnaround times. TheTOEFL Primary Speaking test is scored at ETS by ETS-trained raters.

TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening test — Step 1 scores are determined by the number of questions a student has answered correctly. There is no penalty for wrong answers. The number of correct responses in each section is converted to a level of 1–4 Stars and a scale score of 101–109.

TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening test — Step 2 scores are determined by the number of questions a student has answered correctly. There is no penalty for wrong answers. The number of correct responses in each section is converted to a level of 1–5 Badges and a scale score of 104–115. Some students may receive 1 badge and a scale score of 100, and these students are recommended to take Step 1 for better information about their proficiencies in English reading and listening.

The TOEFL Primary Speaking test is scored by ETS-trained raters. On the TOEFL Primary Speaking test, students can earn levels of 1–5 Ribbons. Scores of 0–27 are also reported to show progress within a level.

The Reading and Listening test — Step 1 is intended for students in the earlier stages of English.

The Reading and Listening test — Step 2 is intended for students who have acquired some communicative English skills.

The Speaking Test is intended for all Reading and Listening test takers.

Like all tests in the TOEFL® Family of Assessments, the TOEFL Primary are based on thorough research to ensure their validity and reliability, and they reflect best practices in language testing.

TOEFL Junior

  • English-language programs for placement and to monitor progress
  • International schools where the language of instruction is English
  • Schools in non-English-speaking countries that focus on teaching content through English

TOEFL Junior are available in 2 testing modes.

1) TOEFL Junior Standard has only speaking and writing test.

2) TOEFL Junior Comprehensive has

Please contact us for available test dates

  1. Send an enquiry to contact@connectere.net
  2. Call us at 6438 6900 or
  3. Go to https://register.toeic.com.sg/users/add

Register for a new account or log in with an existing account > click bookings > select TOEFL Junior under available test schedule> fill in your particulars> select payment method > click book.

Standard Test – SGD$70

You will be advised at least 1 week in advance.

a) Credit Card 

b) Paypal

c) Cheque

d) Cash

Based on case-to-case basis and upon approval.

Approximately 7 to 10 days after test date.

Connectere will mail you the score report. 

Log in your account > Bookings> current bookings> other services> select the number of score reports needed> choose payment method> provide mailing address> submit

Extra score report costs SGD$15 each.

Certificate of Achievement (Gold/Silver) costs SGD$15 each.

Yes. Select booking> current booking> other services> express scoring > choose payment method> provide mailing address> submit

A fee of SGD$30 is payable for express scoring. You will receive your score report within 3 working days.

It is recommended that scores not be used beyond two years. However, scores can be considered valid beyond two years if the test taker provides evidence of having maintained the same level of English language learning.

The TOEFL Junior Standard test is not a “pass/fail” test. You are not expected to answer all of the questions correctly. The test is designed to be a tool that measures improvement over time.

1 hour 55 minutes

Bring along your passport or identification document with your photo in it.

Reach the venue at least 15 minutes earlier before the start time of the test for registration.

  • Become familiar with the test format and how to mark your answers on the answer sheet. You can then focus your attention on the questions themselves, rather than on the format.
  • Immerse yourself in the language as frequently as possible and in as many ways as possible. Reading, watching TV and videos, listening to recordings, taking an English course, and speaking to others in English are some of the ways to practice English.
  • Sample questions available for practice:



Criterion is able to evaluate the essay flow as a whole. It gives them immediate diagnostic feedback and more opportunities to practice writing at their own pace. Therefore, students can practice writing at any time of the day as long as they have an internet connection.

Criterion captures the basic errors in Articles, Preposition,Ill-form verbs,Subject-verb agreement and much more.
Students are alerted to the errors and correct them before the teacher goes in to finish up the marking process (lightening marking load).
As it is a program , it will always capture the same errors even when it is marking the 100th script as compared to a human marker who may have already tire out.
Lastly, the teacher can keep track of students’ past,current and draft work.
Criterion captures the basic grammar errors and provides help in explaining each error in the form of the Writer’s Handbook.
It teaches independent learning. The programme can be assessed at home or any place as long as there’s internet access, therefore, students can do writing practice at anytime and anywhere.

Teachers can select either British or American spelling.

Topics in Criterion Topic Library are divided into different modes: Descriptive, Expository, Persuasive, Narrative or Instructor Topics.
Instructor Topic means that teacers can create their own topics.
The grades are from Grade 4 until Grade 12; GREArguement, GREIssue,
REV GREIssue, REV Argument; TOEFL
There are about 25-29 Topics in each grade (4-12) which is divided into the 4 modes above.

Yes you can create your own topics. You can also get Criterion to give your own topic a holistic score.

a) As a remedial tool
b) As an additional writing practice tool to teach independent learning.
c) As a first line of marking so that students can edit some basic errors before the teachers come in to finish marking the content.

Yes it is easy. We will walk you through the process.

Yes there will be training session for teachers.

Criterion accuracy is probably about 60-70%. Some errors can’t be captured or are captured in error due to the clumsy writing style.

a) Students choose their plan before writing from the 8 available templates
(Examples: Idea Tree; Idea Web:Compare and Contrast etc).

b) Thesaurus

c) Spell check

d) Writers’ Handbook ( Errors like Fragments; Ill-formed Verbs; articles etc are explained to the students).

e) Comments and dialogue features to communicate with teachers or their peers. 

f) Teachers can create peer group work where a selected group of students will work on a similar topic and they can have group discussion via comments and dialogue.


Please click here to check for upcoming test dates and to register for SAT online.

Our company is in charge of testing within Singapore only. If your country does not have a country representative listed in College Board’s website, you will have to contact College Board directly at sat@info.collegeboard.org

Contact us for registration and test dates.

sat faq 2

The maximum subjects you can take in one sitting for SAT Subject tests is THREE (3). Should you wish to take more than 3, the other subjects must be taken on a different date.

SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject tests cannot be taken on the same day as they start at the same time. The maximum ‘Language with listening test’ you can take per sitting is ONE , and in November Only of each year.

Those sitting for the listening test in November must bring along a portable CD player with earphones.

Do log in to your SAT online account.

Go to the page where you can select test centers.

Indicate country as “Singapore ” and the various test centers will be posted for you to choose.

Download Online registration

Please right-click on the link ( Online registration ) above and choose ‘Save Target As /Save Link As…” to save the file.

*Note that this website is managed by College Board USA for the whole world and we have no access to the database.

If you need any kind of follow up after you’ve registered online, you have to email or call USA directly for help at +1-212-713-7789 or sat@info.collegeboard.org (Call between 9.30pm to 5am Mon to Fri, Singapore Time)

You will have to register for the next available test date. Standby testing and late registration is not available in Singapore.

Your scores are available online 3-4 weeks after test date. Please refer to College Board website www.collegeboard.com for announcement of results release dates.

If you need a paper score report mailed to you, please email to sat@info.collegeboard.org

Note: The paper score report you receive cannot be used for application to universities. Universities need the Official Score Report which is sent directly by College Board USA to the universities concerned.

For those who have indicated their choice of universities  in their SAT Online account (no later than 9 days after test date)  the official score report will reach them 5 weeks after the test.

Those who submit after 9 days will take more than 5 weeks for score reports to reach the universities. Official score report is sent by College Board directly to the universities without going through you.

Validity period are set by individual universities. Most universities accept 2-3 years, some even 5 years. Please check directly with the universities.

SAT study guide for students: Click here for study guide

For SAT Reasoning sample test , click this link: Sample test download click here.

For scoring, click this link: Scoring click here

Test takers must arrive at your selected test center latest by 7.45am for registration. Test proper will commence between 8 to 8.30am. 

For a list of things you need to bring, refer to your admission ticket.

sat faq 4

The difference between the old and new SAT format?
Watch the video here.


Each section is strictly timed.

You are not supposed to attempt questions from other sections while you are in a particular section. If you are caught, you will be expelled from the test center.

To know more about the SAT, you can download or view the pdf files: ‘SAT Program handbook’, ‘SAT program facts’ & ‘SAT Registration Booklet International Edition’ from http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/international/sat/registration

Your answers are scored by computers using a software specially developed by ETS. You get one point for each question that you answer correctly. You don’t lose any points if you skip a question.

Under new format (starting Mar 2016 ) : No loss of point for choosing the wrong answer to a multiple-choice question

The total points produce your raw score. Your raw score is then converted to the College Board scale of 200 to 800 for each of the section through a process called equating. For more information about SAT scores, please visit www.collegeboard.com using the link below. http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/sat/scores/understanding/average.html

Check out this link to see what you are allowed to bring on test day http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/sat/testday/bring.html

For those who signed up online and have printed out the admission ticket, the things to bring are listed there too.

The official SAT Study Guide is sold at our office at $39 per copy.

The guide provides your first look at the redesigned SAT – direct from the maker of the test. It comes with explanations and strategies for dealing with SAT Reasoning test and contains real SAT sample tests and official answer explanations.

There is no refund for test cancellation.

You can transfer your registration to a future test date. Test date changes can be made via your SAT online account.

A credit card is required for this service as there is a charge for test date changes.